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About us

ColabCompany is a new world design agency renowned for its eclectic and layered perspective.
The keystone of Colab is a simple tool- collaboration.
Our strongly recognisable identity is based on experimentation, citations, and unusual associations that seek uniqueness and respect the clients individuality.

Colab projects are characterised by its emotional and aesthetic impact, melting rigour with vision, and the continuous search for something new.

The duo Hiren Ganatra and Saloni Ganatra founded Colab, both coming from solid design experience; together they realise projects of any scale and detail with great emotional value, given their eclectic
and composite background.


Colab O-15.jpg
Hiren Ganatra


Tel: +91-98 2109 2109

Saloni Ganatra


Tel: +91-97 6943 3517

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