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Beirut, Versova

I am from Lebanon, from Beirut.
I am from the ground underneath my home 
I am from the trees, the cedar tree
I come from Tabouleh and brown eyes, from Karim...
Kassar and Kassem
I come from happiness and culture
From "Habibi" and "Hayete"
I am from all religions
I am from the room beneath the stars.”
― Zeina Kassem, Talal Kassem

Luxury amidst the ruins of lebanon. "BEIRUT" is a beautifully crafted design paradox where the old palatial charm battles with the ruinous state of lebanon. It symbolises the harmony and the love that exists in Lebanon despite the turmoil and the instability. 

The bar is fit for a king of the old glory days. Its walls adorned with gold and beige monotones to blend the old with the new.

The ceiling is fitted with clay tiles and vibrant coloured glass playfully entwined to add to the dramatic themes of the space. 

Come to BEIRUT to feel an empire, which offers dust and sand but also gold and nobility.

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