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TeaVilla Cafe' Prabhadevi

Sharing a contextual presence with the famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai, TVC - Prabhadevi is all things poised & elegant.  Spanning over an area of 1200 sq. ft on the ground floor, 1200 sq. ft on the terrace & 180 sq. ft outdoors, this branch of Tea Villa Cafe was curated with a stark focus on the neighbourhood it was anchored in.

With previously designed branches, the firm's take on the design scheme usually stemmed from a modern & eclectic thematic inspiration. With the intention of lending this branch a persona that tied it in seamlessly with its surroundings, ColabCompany worked with a Neo-Indian concept giving it a touch of their own. The duration from start to finish lasted from March to June 2019 & was a design-intense process. 

An overall ‘Jaipur’ theme was curated & envisioned by the architects to give the space its ambience & look. Jaipur as an Indian city is known to have an individualistic style & boasts of a concoction of the old & the new.

The building was initially a hospital structure & its ground level + terrace layout was used as the skeleton. The conversion of the hospital premises into the restaurant posed as a great challenge when it came to a large number of structural elements like columns & beams that dominated the layout. These elements were used ingeniously as design features rather than viewed as a hinderance.

At an interior level, a few design elements play the high notes & are used in varying scales & forms to unify the grammar of the space. Walls are neutral toned but have been accented with murals & elements that exude bright hues. The furniture custom-designed for the space is sleek & adds a hint of colour into the volume. Two accent walls on the far corners have focal elements like a backlit wall & 3D lotus sculptural motif, that visually balance the horizontality of the floor plan. Bands of geometric arrows that function as unifying visual elements are omnipresent through the space atop of columns & beams. Despite the presence of multiple structural elements, with the right use of a palette of design treatments the space looks whole & seamless.

The facade also embodies the design identity & has a grounded demeanour that gives the venue a landmark-like presence. The exterior elevation is also a mix of soft pastel hues, floral motifs, geometric elements & inlay work that stand for the Modern-Jaipur theme.

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